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Precision Ag

Operations CenterGreen Country Equipment is pleased to offer John Deere Precision Ag Technology. GPS and RTK networks, AutoTrac, iTEC Pro, StarFire 3000, iGrade, SeedStar Mobile and HarvestLab are just a few of the innovative products that Green County Equipment offers. We have highly trained Precision Ag Specialists available at Green Country Equipment to help you utilize the newest and best technology for farming available. Our team stays on top of all the latest technological advances for farming that there is. We will do what it takes to make sure your experience with us is positive and successful. 

Contact our team with your Precision Ag Needs:

Gene McKinley, Precision Ag Manager - 806-333-8032 Email Me    

Levi Siebert, Dalhart Precision Ag Support Specialist - 806-344-4004 Email Me

Alexander Ort, Pampa Precision Ag Support Specialist - 806-333-5498 Email Me   

Draylen Duke, Spearman Precision Ag Support Specialist - 506-330-1496 Email Me

Precision Ag Support Agreement

As technology continues to evolve and bring added value to your operation, we at Green Country Equipment are dedicated to providing the support required to keep our customers on the leading frontier of John Deere’s precision agriculture technology. To do so, Green Country Equipment is offering the following support options to assist our customers to maintain and develop extra value out of their precision agriculture products.

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