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John Deere Frontier DH1610

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  • Two-blade taper furrow filler
  • Disk leveling adjustable
  • Middle breaker cuts out center bulk
  • Hydraulic controls raise and lower the disk



Manufacturer John Deere
Model DH1610
Working width, ft, in. (cm) 3.2 m
  10.6 ft
Operating, lb (kg) 1898-2200 kg
  4185-4851 lb
Shipping, lb (kg) 1989-2291 kg
  4385-5051 lb
Tractor requirements  
Horsepower range, hp (kW) 45-60 kW
  60-80 hp
Type Level lift drawn with clevis
Category ---
Quick coupler compatibility ---
Spacing 22.9 cm
  9 in.
Front, in. (cm) 22.9 cm
  9 in.
Rear, in. (cm) 22.9 cm
  9 in.
Size, in. (cm) 56 cm
  22 in.
Thickness, in. (mm) 4.5 mm
  0.177 in.
Quantity 28
Type Weight per blade: 68-76 kg
  149-173 lb
Notched (front) / Notched (rear) Available
Smooth (front) / Smooth (rear) Standard
Notched (front) / Smooth (rear) Available
Gang axle  
Diameter, in. (mm) 38 mm
  1.5 in.
Type Square
Material C1045
Gang angles  
Front (degrees) 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 degree (angle)
Rear (degrees) 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24 degree (angle)
Frame, in. (mm) 101.6x101.6x6.4 and 152.4x101.6x6.4 mm
  4x4x0.25 and 6x4x0.25 in.
Gang, in. (mm) 101.6x101.6x6.4 mm
  4x4x0.25 in.
Bearing hanger  
Material Steel (Rigid Standard - C-Spring Optional)
Size, in. (mm) 50.8x101.6
  2x4 in.
U-bolt size, in. (mm) 19.1 mm
  0.75 in.
Bearing type Lubricated ball bearings
Depth control  
Type Pin adjust, center mount
Lighting and safety  
Transport lights Standard
Safety chain Standard
Jack Standard
Cylinder size, in. (cm) 10.1x20.3 cm
  4x8 in.
Hose length, in. (cm) 406 cm
  160 in.
Type Pneumatic
Size Dual 9.5L-15 6 ply
Set-up time  
Labor hours 4
Time period 1 year

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