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John Deere Precision Ag Technology

Green Country Equipment is pleased to offer John Deere Precision Ag Technology. GPS and RTK networks, AutoTrac, iTEC Pro, StarFire 3000, iGrade, SeedStar Mobile and HarvestLab are just a few of the innovative products that Green County Equipment offers. We have highly trained Precision Ag Specialist available at Green Country Equipment to help you utilize the newest and best technology for farming available. Our team stays on top of all the latest technological advances for farming that there is. We will do what it takes to make sure your experience with us is positive and successful. Our team includes: Jarret Bowers, Matt Brown, Gary Brorman, Alexander Ort, and Jake Abercrombie. Their contact information is below:

Jarret Bowers - 806-333-4367 Email Me    Matt Brown - 806-930-8312 Email Me    Gary Brorman - 806-344-4004 Email Me    Alexander Ort- 806-333-5498 Email Me   Jake Abercrombie - 806-330-0550 Email Me.  



Only John Deere seamlessly connects people, equipment, and technology to give you an advantage.


From planning to harvest, John Deere seamlessly connects people, equipment, and insights to give you an advantage. The farming productivity of tomorrow, is at your fingertips today. From collecting, accessibility, analyzing data, and finally sharing that data.... on computer, tablet, or phone... from the office, truck, or field... John Deere puts it right in  your hands where you need it most. One look tells you where all your equipment and people are. You can route the right people to the right place to do the right job, and ensure they have the tools and fuel they need. You can even view your machine’s displays remotely. Collect data across the full growing season, and use it to make better decisions. It's like Air Traffic Control for your farm operation. From John Deere's Operation Center to the guidance solutions, to the variable rate application and finally the remote management system. John Deere builds solutions. There’s certainly an impressive list of reasons to invest in precision technology…but one of the best reasons is the long line of people who stand beside every product.



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